Heating and Cooling

How do I choose a heating and cooling contractor?

The single most important decision is hiring a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC contractor. Not every contractor is licensed, bonded or insured and not every contractor invests in ongoing training. Costly mistakes can be made by inexperienced or untrained contractor. You’ll want to make sure you contractor is trained and qualified and that your equipment is properly sized.

What credentials should I look for in a heating and cooling contractor?
You always want to make sure your heating and air conditioning contractor is licensed, bonded and insured – that is the bare minimum to look for. Additionally you can look for other credentials that let you know this is a credible contractor. Some credentials to look for are: NATE certification, this is the highest level of training a contractor can receive. It’s a voluntary certification so when you see this you’ll know that you’re hiring a contractor that has invested in delivering the highest level of service.
What does it mean to properly size heating and cooling equipment?
Many people even other contractors think that bigger is better, when in fact it is not. Equipment can be oversized or undersized, but the most common mistake is oversizing equipment. Oversized equipment will cost higher to run, reduces energy efficiency, reduces comfort and will most likely result in more service calls and issues. It’s a BIG mistake that should be avoided.
What is ENERGY STAR® and why is it important?
ENERGY STAR® is an EPA (environmental protection agency) program, that helps individuals and businesses save money and save energy through superior energy efficiency. Many ENERGY STAR® products qualify for rebates and incentives through the utility companies.
Does it make a difference on which brand I choose?
We chose Daikin Air Intelligence because they are the technology and innovation leader. Daikin is the largest manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment in the world and has a manufacturing facility in the United States. Additionally, the offer the broadest product selection, some of the highest efficiencies and an outstanding warranty.

HVAC Service and Repair

How important is it to maintain our air conditioner, furnace or heat pump?

It is extremely important to take care of your furnace or heat pump via a regularly scheduled maintenance agreement. Regularly scheduled maintenance does two very important things: it helps your equipment run a peak performance and also will extend the life of your system. Additionally, you’ll get peace of mind with a tune-up because we can often identify safety hazards and avoid big repairs by catching things early. Depending on your situation we may recommend 1 or 2 times a year. During this appointment we do a thorough examination of your system to make sure it is operating properly.

How often should I change my air filters?
This depends on how many people are in the home, if there is someone with allergies and/or asthma and if there are pets in the home. The answer varies from home to home and depends on the environment of the home. For example; a home with a lot of pets or someone with allergies will want to change their air filter more frequently than others. There are some filters that are higher grade then others. Keep in mind that air filtration is a very important component to your home comfort.
Are things a homeowner can do to help increase the energy efficiency of their heating and cooling system?
Yes! First, it is very important to regularly change the air filter on your heat pump or furnace. This one thing will help your equipment run at peak performance. Second, make sure you schedule a safety and performance check-up at least once a year.
Are there other tips or recommendations that help reduce the cost of home heating?
Purchasing a programmable thermostat is a wise decision. A programmable thermostat allows you to take control of your heating and cooling needs and is a big factor in helping to reduce monthly utility costs.

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